Sage Inventory Advisor

Sage Inventory Advisor

Sage 300 Inventory Optimisation
RJC Accounting Software Solutions supplies and supports the Sage Inventory Advisor module.  This module includes minimising of stock-outs, reduces excess inventory and simplifies ordering. Growing your business is easy with Sage Inventory Advisor – an affordable cloud solution that helps companies to:
• Minimise stock-outs
• Release cash tied up in excess inventory
• Significantly reduce the time spent on planning, forecasting and ordering.
Sage Inventory Advisor can be implemented in just a few hours and is accessible anytime, anywhere. No local hardware installation is required and the inventory advisor provides worry-free updates and maintenance.

Business Benefits

  • Minimise stock-outs; improve stock availability by 2%-15% and increase sales
  • Reduce excess inventory; reduce inventory by 10%-25% and improve cash flow
  • Simplify ordering; significantly reduce the time spent on planning, forecasting and ordering
  • Inventory visibility; a whole new view of your business – anytime, anywhere
  • Early warning; items needing attention today to prevent stock-outs or excess

Forecast summary
– Utilises best-of-breed forecast technology to generate item forecasts while facilitating manual overrides

Matrix – A unique classification matrix highlighting your most important items


Sage Inventory Advisor has no licence fees, no yearly maintenance fees, no cost to upgrade and no additional hardware or software to purchase — just a once off implementation cost and a monthly subscription fee with no minimum term, allowing easy adoption with minimal risk.