Sage 300 Payroll & Human Resources

Sage 300 Payroll & Human Resources

Sage VIP Payroll, HR & ESS Premier

business-legal-services-website-headerRJC Accounting Software Solutions offers and supports the VIP Premier Total Solution whereby you get all the tools you need to drive your business, in one power-packed, integrated package.

VIP Premier Total Solution offers an easy-to-use yet sophisticated solution integrating your HR and payroll applications. The software offers tight security and a menu of smart HR tools; savings in administrative costs and strategic planning insights.

Put more power in your payroll package

VIP Premier Payroll offers a flexibile range of applications covering every aspect of the payroll process, while adhering to legislative guidelines. This real-time design boosts processing speed and ensures that the software is easy to use.

Put the human back in HR management

VIP Premier HR puts your people at the heart of the system. A logical, integrated and streamlined extension of the Premier Payroll system, Premier HR takes care of the HR responsibilities of your business. Management of jobs and positions, performance, employment equity to learning and skills development, succession planning and employee files and documents are taken care of.

Take the sweat out of leave processes

VIP Premier Employee Self Service (ESS) gives your employees user-friendly tools to update their personal details, apply for leave, submit claims, view payslips and IRP5’s online. All management and control aspects of your employees’ leave is a streamlined, paperless process.

Put more savvy in your intelligence system

Plug Sage VIP Intelligence Reporting into your VIP Payroll & HR package and you get penetrating insights and illuminating interpretations of your data. This Microsoft Excel-based business intelligence plugin gives you a suite of reports you can customise to suit your needs. That’s in addition to the existing payroll reports that come with the VIP system.


Payroll Manager powered by Norming Software

Norming Payroll Manager offers a powerful and complete payroll management solution. This solution may be set up for your employee database and will maintain earnings, deductions, taxes, and other remuneration factors.  Payroll processing results may be viewed on displays and printed reports. This solution can be used as a standalone or as part of an integrated system with the Sage 300 General Ledger.  Easy transfer of Payroll account data to and from spreadsheet and database applications is also possible.

Managing projects and tracking employee’s expense, time usage and leave is easy with Norming Resource Manager’s tool which comes with Front-End and Back-End applications. The Front-End application provides a web-based portal, where employees can upload expense reports, cash advance requests, timesheets and leave requests via a web-browser, and managers are able to review these documents from employees via the web-browser. The Back-End application is fully based on Sage 300, after employees’ timesheets or expense reports are approved, the Back-End users can post these documents directly to Sage 300 modules.

Norming PSA System is a powerful and flexible business management solution designed with industry-leading technology to automate and control the most vital activities and process of a professional service company. This integrated solution streamlines the management of business partners, human resources, projects, timesheets, expense reimbursements and documents. The system incorporates a Manager portal and an Employee Self Service portal. The Manager portal enables HR Managers to complete HR/Payroll-related management processes, Accounting Managers to process project costing and billing transactions. The Employee Self Service portal gives employees permission to update personal data, check their project schedules, enter timesheet data, complete expense reports and leave requests, etc.