Sage 300 Workflow

Sage 300 Workflow powered by Acctech eWorkflow

accounting-and-finance-services-grey-web-headerWith increasing focus on improving efficiency and productivity being of utmost importance to businesses today. Processes are being improved with technology and systems to achieve gains in productivity and efficiency.

RJC Accounting Software Solutions supplies the AccTech eWorkflow 2013 which is fully integrated into Sage 300 and Sage X3, this solution is an intuitive role-based software process tool which seamlessly manages business processes within organisations. These automated and managed processes improve productivity and efficiency by routing transactions, tasks and activities, from person to person involved in the process.

“AccTech eWorkflow 2013 provides full tracking of every action from source to end, bridging the gap between the back office, front end and operational sections of the business resulting in improved gains in productivity and efficiency across the organisation.”

FlowCentric FloPac for Sage ERP 300

RJC Accounting Software Solutions supplies the FlowCentri FloPac modules which is not simply about improving and mapping workflow. FloPac starts with the business rules which underlie processes and focuses on automating/integrating systems and people through processes and technology.

Most organisations have well thought out and documented processes to which their staff should adhere to, however there is seldom control methods in place ensuring that these processes are followed. Management becomes reactive to situations where the rules governing certain business processes have not been followed. These indiscretions could be because instructions were misinterpreted, staff members were negligent or simply because someone took a shortcut. Proactive management means having preventative and detective controls in place ensuring the smooth execution of processes. FloPac from FlowCentric Technologies can do this for your organisation.

FloPac is a valuable and logical solution for any company utilising Sage ERP 300, giving workflow enabled processes which automate and control activities not handled by Sage ERP 300.

Purchasing Workflow powered by Pacific Technologies 

RJC Accounting Software Solutions helps you to maximise the potential of your purchasing system with a single comprehensive approach. If you want a fast, effective and comprehensive approach to procurement within your organisation, then Puchasing Workflow is the answer.  This solution brings your purchasing decisions across multiple fields, goods and service requirements together into one centralised and logical system.

This technology enables tighter control and management of your procurement processes, streamlining inefficiencies where required and bringing clarity to every level. This allows you to focus on maintaining best prices, practices and supplier relationships across the board. The sophisticated, but easy-to-operate, workflow engine with configurable rules, routing and approval functions means we can tailor the tool to suit your requirements and business model. A requisition interface creates documents that are monitored and regulated through the workflow approval process. This interface includes setup options to optimise or restrict accessibility depending on user roles or specific user settings.

Purchasing Workflow benefits include:
  • Web requisitioning and approvals
  • Ability to default all information (other than item number and quantity), including vendor, general ledger code and cost
  • Handling of stock and non-stock items for planning purposes
  • Templates that can be used to load a list of standard items
  • Allows different vendors on different lines
  • Vendor selection is controlled at the item and user level
  • Ability for the requisitioner to review each document’s progress through the workflow for complete transparency at every stage
  • Integrated with PJC, allows Job Related requisitions to be entered.