Sage 300 Services

RJC Accounting Software Solutions supplies and supports the Sage 300 Service Module.

Sage 300 Service


The Sage 300 Services Management module successfully manages the resources, products and services your business offers!  Manage your data locally or remotely using mobile or Web technologies which saves you time, reduces expenses, tracks profitability, increases productivity and most importantly, improves customer satisfaction.


Sage 300 Service links every aspect of the service process allowing you to update and manage jobs in real-time either in the office or remotely, handle preventative maintenance as well as general equipment servicing.


As your company experiences high levels of growth, you can still exercise detailed control over your activities with Sage 300 Service, and at the same time maintain the close relationships that you have with your customers.


Sage 300 Service simplifies the supervision of service activities and ensures that the operational, sales and financial aspects of your customers’ jobs remain firmly on your radar.

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